Friday, 20 September 2013

My Little Hero ♥

Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone. Yes yes yes, I know it's been awhile that I'm not updating my blog. Sorry, I was shooooo busy. Btw, I would like to share about this one my little hero yang kacak dan kuat berangan. Before I start typing about my little hero, as usual I do likes to asking to you some questions. Who's your hero? Is your hero cheeky? Is your hero as cute as mine? Btw, if your answering that yours is cute than mine, teetttttt wrong answer.

This my little hero is really love to dance, especially when his favorite song plays. His cute dance always makes me smile and laughing really hard. It's really cute. Gwiyomi is one of his favorite song. Other than that, he's also likes to any songs yang berentak rancak. Well, including the lovey dovey's by T-ara. Try google it if you're wondering who's T-ara. Since my little sister, Noni, loves K-pop damn so much , she's always open the K-pop MV on the television, and I think that's reason why my little hero terrrrr-influence kot? Maybe.

My little hero also really active. Imagine, he's really good in "kemas rumah". It's not means on cleaning in the real cleaning. Lagi bertambah sepah selerak adalah. He's also know to differentiate the parts of the body. When we asked him "Hidung mana?",  he will pointing his own nose. Same goes to the other parts of the body. He's also know which one the teeth, mouth, nails, finger, hands, knee, head, hairs, etc.

The most cute parts of my little hero is when he have a conversation with us. He really can understand to what are we delivering when we speak to him. I still remember when I was looking for my cell phone, I was misplaced. I asked him to find my phone, "Abang Hariz ambil handphone maklang, handphone maklang mana?", then he pointed at somewhere. Then he was lari kedek-kedek and gimme the phone to me. Seriously sangat comel okay!

As he's always see his father (my brother) and his Atuk (my Abah), go to work, he's also want to go to work. He will take this one bag that belongs to his father and wear it, then he will try really hard to wear his shoes by himself. If he cannot wearing the shoes by himself, he will go to anyone and show the shoes to that person as the signal of asking a help to put the shoes on him. Really cute to watching all of his keletah nakal. After he feels that everything is well prepared, he will waving his hand and babai to us. Konon-konon pergi work lettuw.

He can speak but in his language, baby's language. When I asked him if he want to eat, he's nodding his head and said "na.. mam.. mam..". He's also know that I am his maklang. When I asked "Maklang mana?", he pointed at me. Cuteeeee ! And when I have a conversation to him, I will asked him if he's understanding or not, "Abang Hariz faham tak?". And he will nodding his head while said "aham.." Many simple words he can speak now.

Oh, my little hero juga suka sangat berangan. Yes, I am talking the truth. I don't know how to tell you how he was berangan by himself, but I've watched it so many times. I can bet that anyone who see it will laughing so hard. He's also love to take a picture too. He will definitely give his cheeky smile and the naughty eyes contact to the camera.

Here's his super duper cute pictures:

My little hero is Ahmad Hariz Uthman Bin Ahmad Muammar, now he is 1 year and 5 months. I ♥ him so much :) Untill here, I have to go. Nak ber-krohh krohh sebentar. Babai.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone. Lately I am interested on jog. It's not a new hobby, it was my hobby before this when I was in form 5 at the high school. Suddenly I just interests and obsessing on it again. Now, it's be my current hobby. Jogging. Me usually will go to the Tasik Shah Alam at section 14 and jog at there with or without a partner. I mostly prefer to jog alone actually, but I am cool if there is anyone want to jog together with me.

On any holiday, I will definitely go for jog 2 times a day. But if I am busy, I will only jogging once a day and if I'm not go to jogging, I will replace it with dancing. Yes, dancing. Don't do the weird face while reading this because I am telling the truth about myself actually. Actually I really and very like dancing. I always join the dancing group in Shah Alam. I can do the line dance of "Marry You" , poco poco, Tarian 1 Malaysia ( except the tarian Iban and the another kind of dance because I skipped the classed). Almost every friends of UiTM doesn't know about this interest of mine. Why? Maybe because I do not involve with any club that related to dance or acting or theater or sport or blablabla bagai bagai maybe kan?Why am I not tell it to them? is it really necessary? Nah. 

Lets back to our topic, jogging. Well, actually by jogging we are not only can loss the calories and weight but we also can reducing the stress and we can relaxing our mind. For surely we also can build up our stamina. I am not good in this sport bagai bagai actually but I learn a bit knowledge about sport. About how to jogging correctly? The way how should we breath while jogging, effect of sport to people, the proper attire while jogging and much more. I learn it from my athlete friends, the athlete coaches, from my neighbor, from my PBSM club, Internet, magazine, from my Abah. And I hope that I can learn much more about sport from any resources. 

Do you know the real steps of jogging actually? Well, I asking this question because I have been observing people surrounding me while I was jogging. And  many people, especially the beginner or novice or people who trying to jog or more specific as not a sport people, when they jog, they were always get out of breath very faster and they always pushing theyselves too hard which that can lead to overuse injuries and strains. And I always saw joggers jogging using their toe. That's totally wrong and risky. Listen to me, do not forcing yourself if you are a beginner. Trust me it's not really easy to jog actually, we should never take it easy. If you just go jog without the proper readiness, take the responsibilities on what will happen on your knee and hip. I am not lying. 

The most important of all is the shoe. Proper footwear is vital to your jogging performance. Next important is the breathing. The way on how we breath while jogging. Some people said that it it much more better to inhale the oxygen with the nose and exhale with the mouth, but there some people said it's much better to breath using the nose for inhale and exhale. Actually it doesn't really matter as the most important is our comfortable. For me, I usually breath using nose while jogging for both exhale and inhale the oxygen but under my control. We the one who need to control our breaths. Take in more breaths as you jog at a faster pace. You will know if you are not getting enough oxygen to your lungs because you will tire quickly and may even feel a bit dizzy. If you cannot follow my breathing style while jogging, well you can do relaxing your jaw and open your mouth a little as you are jogging. Breathing deeply will allows you to feel less physical tension throughout your body as you move.

As from me,  don't talk when you are jogging. Focus on your track and the muscles that you using. Because when you're talking while jog, you cannot control your breathing.
If you are the beginner, start with five minutes of walking to warm up, followed by jogging for one minute and walking for four minutes. Repeat the jogging and walking intervals five times; then end your workout with a five-minute walk to cool down. Don't and never push yourself to do the non-stop jogging as it will effect to your knee and hip. It's gonna be really suck if we cannot use our foot anymore right?

After 2 weeks, you can start with walk for five minutes as a warm-up, then spend time stretching your muscles. Walk briskly for 10 to 15 minutes at a pace that is comfortable before slowing down to a gentle walk for a few minutes to cool down the muscles. If your fitness level is a little more advanced, alternate brisk walking and jogging at a comfortable pace for 20 minutes after your warm-up. We must jogging atleast 3 days a week. My option, 30 minutes a day should be great to jog.

When I was jogging alone at Tasik Shah Alam, there is a guy wearing the green shirt  sleeveless that wrote " Triathlete Malaysia"  with MAS logo. He greeted me. We stop jogging and walk for awhile and have some conversation about sport. I asked him so many question. And he gave me some very useful advises. 

Me : Kau triathlete ni mesti banyak tau pasal sport ni kan? Ajar aku pasal jogging boleh?
Haziq : Senang je jogging ni cuma banyak pantang larang je. Waktu jogging muka kena straight pandang depan, jangan toleh kiri kanan. Kalau nak usha awek dekat sebelah pun mata je boleh jeling jeling. Leher waktu jogging biar relax, jangan pendekkan leher tu. Coach aku ajar, jogging tangan kena genggam. Kalau tak reti gengam, tangan kiri kanan try pegang henset ke batu ke. Tangan pun swing biar sempoi je ikut body jangan buat buat swing pula. Pelik nanti.
Me : Macam ni? *buat gaya tanggan* *gelak gelak* Lagi apa lagi tips?
Haziq : Gerakan kaki paling penting waktu jogging, kau perasan tak ramai yang jogging pakai jari kaki depan macam tu? *pointing to another jogger* salah teknik tu, tapi kaki kau aku tengok betul je, kau belajar dari mana?
Me : Aku belajar time sekolah dulu, aku pun mana tau jogging macam mana ni. Aku ikut je apa Sir tu ajar. Guna teknik "heel-to-toe".
Haziq : Tapi betullah apa coach kau ajar tu. Jogging  memang guna "heel-to-toe" pun. Long distance lari lari tu baru pakai "toe"
Me : Yang penting warm-up kan?
Haziq : Warm-up tu memang lah. Benda warm-up tak boleh main-main. Sekali kaki rosak peh sayang tak boleh masuk olahraga dah. Abang aku kaki rosak sebab futsal lah. Sekarang dia boleh short distance je. Kaki dia kena "kneecap pain". 

Now, I am thinking about spending  the time and money to find a running shoe that fits well and is designed for my foot type. And I am thinking about this Nike sport shoe but I'm not trying to wear it yet, so I don't know i f it suit with my feet or not. Take a look at the shoe soles, awesome right? Nike Shox Navina SI - Women's :

Well until here, I am hoping that with this little information of jogging can a bit helping people out there. It's already 4.25 am and I really should go to my bed. Goodnight. Sekian.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Instanbul Aku Datang !!

Hello hello hello everyone, and Assalamualaikum to all the Muslim people. I am so happy today, hahaha. I'm not sure, but my cousin said to me that "Amboi senyum melebar sampai telinga" hahaha. Why am I happy eh? Shhhhh it's a secret hahaha. By the way, I've been went to the near cinema at MBO U8 Space in Shah Alam *my hometown*. I went there together with my little sister and with two female cousins. As we hang-out, everything were on my cousin treats. I did not pay anything even any penny, everything including the dinner, popcorn, ticket and even transport were on her treats.

Well, we were watching "Instanbul Aku Datang" it's a romantic Malay movie. Totally two thumbs up for this movie. We were really enjoyed the movie. Actually for the first time my cousin asking me if I would like to watch "Instanbul Aku Datang", I was totally don't interested at all but still I was agree of them. It was because 3 versus 1. Why am I not interested for the first time? Well, it was because I thought that this romantic movie will be just same as other romantic Malay movie. One thing I don't like about Malay romantic-comedian is that the characters tend to try so hard to be funny and romantic in a very spastic and exaggerated way. But after I watched this movie, it's totally different. Auw, I was crying in that cinema actually. Truly two thumbs up.  The actors and actresses in this movie are very subtle and relaxed in their performance, thus making the story believable, looks real and life.
The storyline is not cliche. It has its own twists, though not overly drama. This suits the overall feel of such a romantic comedy drama.Well, the cast: Lisa Surihani, Tomok, Beto Kusyairy, Aizat Hamdan ; they are all really superb, they played their roles totally well and great. In all, a wonderful "mesti tonton" (must watch) film to those who love such genres movies, doesn't matter your language. Truly two thumbs up. And of course credits to be given to the director and the scriptwriter too right?

Hey, should I write the synopsis? I think it would be interesting to share the story of this movie to all of you who've not watching it yet, right?

Instanbul Aku Datang tells the story of a ditzy but kind hearted blogger girl named Dian, who travels to  Instanbul, with one purpose: to get her boyfriend to put a ring on her finger! to propose her!To achieve her goal, she studied in the same college with her boyfriend, Azad. Azad looks like a man who is very kind hearted and religious. He's also looks really suspicious and slightly nerd. Dian boyfriend's grows increasingly distant from her, and she is forced to find her own place to stay as Azad said it's not nice if people know a girl staying in the bachelor's house. She find a home with help of a new friend that she did even not know his name. She is looking for a cheap house, near to Azad house and the most important is no housemate. She is cheated by the new friend with unknown name. She has to staying with annoying Haris because she has no money to find another place as she has been paid deposit money home rental for 3 months. Although the two begin to rub each other up the wrong way, Haris slowly starts to hold a soft spot in her heart, and Dian must choose between the two men in her life.

Should I tell you who's the guy she choosing? hahaha. No? Yes? Nah, maybe no. Go and watch it by yourself okay?
Actually I don't really like Lisa Surihani because her acting sucked from the movie Aku Masih Single, Ombak Rindu and Semerah Cinta Stilleto. But i do likes her physically. Since watching this movie, I truly admiring her even I am a girl. Well, to those fashionistas out there must be really love Lisa in this movie because of her colourful skirts and dresses, matched with skinny jeans and leggings.Together with her fabulous high heels, hair bandages and ribbons with simple make-up and her glossy lip gloss, truly cute to the extreme. 

Tomok, nah I don't really like Tomok acting skill, he's too wimpy but good try. Beto was also kinda wimpy but he has a reason to acted on that way, his characters as an artist required him to act a bit gay-lish maybe? The chemistry between Lisa and Beto are really something to praise about. I think Lisa really good to acts together with Beto not Farid Kamil. I did enjoyed by watching them together especially during the silent scooter ride and the hair washing. To show emotions and dialogs without saying anything is something what the korean said as "daebak" and that's totally only a few actors can do it. Auw, truly romantic babe. The dialogue bubbles and blog draft that popped up, I really love it.

The funny part of the movie when Lisa stealing Maggi Asam Laksa belonging to Haris, without asking Haris permission. Seriously funny. It's a brilliant idea about the Maggi Asam Laksa since there's no Maggi Asam Laksa at Instanbul. Actually I just knew that Maggi Asam Laksa can get only in Malaysia. Maggi Asam Laksa is my favourite flavour actually. 

All I can say is this movie are truly awesome. I'll give it 4 and half of 5 stars. You must watch it. Until here, babai !

Monday, 12 November 2012

G-Dragon [Big Bang] ♥

Hello and Assalamualaikum, after writing a post about Sungha Jung and Lee Hongki, I've got a big hit from all k-pop fans. They're all totally agree with me about what I've write about Sungha and Hongki characteristic. Hehe, well.Thank you for the comment to all of k-pop fan (^_^) By the way, here's one of the comment that I've got :

As one of k-pop fan, me also a big fan to G-Dragon actually. I know about GD since they released the Lollipop single on 2009. Since that my heart have been melting. Auuww hehe *wink* Well his real name is Kwon Ji-yong. He was born on August 18, 1988.He's currently now better known by his stage name G-Dragon ( 지드래곤). He's a South Korean greatest rapper, talented singer, songwriter, producer and also a model. In a such young ages, he's already know how to make money. Wow! hehe. My heart beats increasing *dup dap dup dap* while writing about him, because I'm already imagine him next to me right niw, Auuuuww !!

He's also fashion icon for South Korea and to every k-pop fans. He's really good in mix and match the clothes. Actually every types of cloth that he wears are looks very fit and good on him. I think GD have got a very super power aura. His hairstyle became a trend among teenagers and were later nicknamed the "Big Bang scarves" Great right? *terngaga mulut* . GD have been described as the "most fashionable" one in his group and G-Dragon's role in influencing fashion trends in South Korea have garnered him awards from some magazine and , fashion and music industry. Totally awesome.

Here's some of his biodata which you can get easily from Mr. Google or Mr Yahoo. Thank you to Mr Google for all input that I've about GD. His height is 177cm which mean higher than me (I am 160cm). He's so slim with weight of 58kg, but don't worry he's still handsome. His blood type is A, if he need a blood donator, I'll donate-ing my blood to him (I am O-type). Here's some cool and hot picture of G-Dragon:

Cool right? Auuuuw I am so damn melting looked into his eyes on these picture. Look at his clothes, his hairstyle, his face mimic, his charisma. He's so cute. Hehe. I wanna to scream right now...

For your information, I am not owned the pictures of GD, I've get it from Mr. Google. Thank you to Mr. Google ^^

As all of you know, BigBang Asia Tour 2012 just ended, with Malaysia *my country* as a last country. I just so sad they're end. Me also sad because I was not going to BigBang concert because all of the tickets were sold out just right after 3 hours they start open the online counter. I am still sad while thinking about this, because I cannot see GD *sob sob* . I really do jealous to some of my friends and to other VIP that went to BigBang's concert *really really jealous*

I've watched this one talk show that having BigBang as their guest. If I am not mistaken, it's Go Show. In this talk show, GD showed his really cool dancing skills, and his secret in creating his songs. He again made me melting hehehehe. He's so genius, he's not only talented young man but he's also considerateof everything around him when makin a song. Every song is like a masterpiece of his life, his feelings, other people's feelings/needs and capabilities. Amazing young man, Jiyoung oppa ! =)

Actually I've a lot of thing that I want to write about him, but now it'ss already 4:33 am and I should go to sleep. I'll continue-ing my writiing on the another post soon about the music of Jiyoung oppa >.< 

나는 오빠 Jiyoung 사랑

Stupid Earphone

Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone. Well am not in a good mood actually right now. But still I want to update something on my blog because I can see a spider web already in here. Phew phew *tiup tiup spider web yang dah bersarang dalam blog* . Why am I not in a good mood? Because !! This one stupid earphone so damn hell. Baru je beli actually last 3 days ago, and the promoter tu kemain lagi cakap earphone ni bla bla bla bla panjang lebar punya dia explain about this Sonic earphone. Tertipu juga aku akhirnya. Harga sudah lah kemain mahal RM50. Tapi audio so creepy damn hell. Geram sangat. Harap appearance je nice with pink colour. Haish geram ! I don't care, I'll go to the shop tomorrow and I want my money back or they should replace it with a new one. I don't care. Geram, kemain excited beli earphone baru nak dengar new korean MV. Tapi audio dia spoil-kan mood !! Gggrrrhh !! Check this out, cantik comel bagai kan earphone dia? Tapi audio hampeh -.- 

Dengan ini, I'll never trust to any promoter, because all of they words cannot be trusted. Ceh I'll never forget your face Apek -.- Eee geram pula bila ingat semula muka promoter tu.

Moral of the story: Never trust anything that a promoter said -.-

Friday, 5 October 2012

Lee Hongki ♥

Hello hello and hello to everyone. I'm really sorry for not been blogging for awhile. I've been very busy with my study and actually now I am in a final examination weeks but hell yea I still wanna to write and post something on this blog. Phew ~ It's really tire-ing to be a University student. Just really can't wait for another 3 semester before I graduate. Well today I want to write about someone who is nowadays becoming an attentions from every kpop fans.

Actually I never know that he is a vocalist of this famous band. I know him from this one Korean drama : You're Beautiful. When I watched this drama I was really feel funny with his character. In the You're Beautiful drama, he was played a role as drummer who's love to talk with a dog, childish looks..and in the drama he was confused with his feeling, he was taught that he's a gay because he's fall in love with his new group member who's actually a girl pretending to be a her brother. Well his name in the drama was Jerry. Haaa I'm sure all of you can guess who's he right? 

Hahaha, YES ! He's the vocalist of FT Island. Wohoooo !! yes ! he's Lee Hongki. Here's his charming picture : 

Yes I know, lets screaming like a crazy peeps, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggh ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki ! Lee Hongki !

He's so cool right? He has got that naughty smile with the beautiful eye. Stylo dressup, Hot hairstyle. What else? hahaha. He's 22 years old on this 2012. Well it's not hard to know his biodata, you can easily get it from Mr. Google, thankyou to Mr Google again. Well I adore mostly his characteristic which is not ever pretending to be cool like other korean Idols. He's freely to act like who he is. He's friendly to everyone. Childish character even outside of drama. Check out the candid pictures that I've got from Mr. Google. Here's the prove that he never pretending to be some one else or pretending to be cool :

I really hope that he and his group member FT Island will come and visit me. Saranghae Lee Hongki ♥ to know more about him, check out his twitter :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sungha Jung ♥

Hello and Assalammualaikum to everyone, today I would like to share something that's really interesting to all of you. But, before that I would like to ask to every single of you that do you know how to play a guitar? If yes, do you love and is it your interest? If not, would you like to learn it? What kind of music would you like to play? Haaaa? so many question? hehe Sorry sorry (!)

I'm a girl who's like to try and learn something new from usually. I am a girl who often switch and change my hobby. Lately, I've found a new interest : Guitar !! hehe. I want to learn on how to play a guitar. So I asked my friend's help to teach me to play guitar, but he was busy of facing the examination week. Then he has asked me to learn playing guitar through YouTube while he finished the examination. I even asked him who his favorite guitarist, and he answered " haaa, you'll must be admiring to this guy, because he's a korean. Well, he is Sungha Jung". Nah, he know what's I like the most very well. Macam ni lah kawan kan? Hahaha. I was like whoa!! Korean? Really!! hahaha. And he asked me to google all the information about Sungha Jung and asked me to watch all the videos in YouTube video. Kyaa~! don't worry, you don't have to tell me to do so, for surely I'll do it because he's korean (Y)

So I did as he told me. I am very impressed to see all the videos. Sungha Jung had perfect fingers. With the fingers of God's gift, he plays his guitar, and his music heard like : very perfect. Now I have started being a fan of Sungha Jung and his music. Sungha Jung with his guitar are very amazing and fascinating. Try to imagine Sungha has started playing musical instruments since the age of 8 years. Now a new age reached 16 years, and he is a professional guitar player, he's also have many fans from various countries, including me.

Well, he's good with acoustic and finger-style of guitar solo. I most enjoy-ing song he played the Thousand Year by Christina Perri . Nah, this is his charming picture while playing his guitar that I've got from google. Thankyou to Mr. Google for helping me,

Well, he's really a good looking guy right? Auw, nasib baik muda dari saya (Y) .Oh oh, almost forget to tell you, he's gonna to come to Malaysia on 27th May 2012 at Penang. I'm for surely will go to his concert to meet him. I want to snap some picture with him

p/s : don't forget to watch his videos on YouTube okey? hehe.