Friday, 20 September 2013

My Little Hero ♥

Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone. Yes yes yes, I know it's been awhile that I'm not updating my blog. Sorry, I was shooooo busy. Btw, I would like to share about this one my little hero yang kacak dan kuat berangan. Before I start typing about my little hero, as usual I do likes to asking to you some questions. Who's your hero? Is your hero cheeky? Is your hero as cute as mine? Btw, if your answering that yours is cute than mine, teetttttt wrong answer.

This my little hero is really love to dance, especially when his favorite song plays. His cute dance always makes me smile and laughing really hard. It's really cute. Gwiyomi is one of his favorite song. Other than that, he's also likes to any songs yang berentak rancak. Well, including the lovey dovey's by T-ara. Try google it if you're wondering who's T-ara. Since my little sister, Noni, loves K-pop damn so much , she's always open the K-pop MV on the television, and I think that's reason why my little hero terrrrr-influence kot? Maybe.

My little hero also really active. Imagine, he's really good in "kemas rumah". It's not means on cleaning in the real cleaning. Lagi bertambah sepah selerak adalah. He's also know to differentiate the parts of the body. When we asked him "Hidung mana?",  he will pointing his own nose. Same goes to the other parts of the body. He's also know which one the teeth, mouth, nails, finger, hands, knee, head, hairs, etc.

The most cute parts of my little hero is when he have a conversation with us. He really can understand to what are we delivering when we speak to him. I still remember when I was looking for my cell phone, I was misplaced. I asked him to find my phone, "Abang Hariz ambil handphone maklang, handphone maklang mana?", then he pointed at somewhere. Then he was lari kedek-kedek and gimme the phone to me. Seriously sangat comel okay!

As he's always see his father (my brother) and his Atuk (my Abah), go to work, he's also want to go to work. He will take this one bag that belongs to his father and wear it, then he will try really hard to wear his shoes by himself. If he cannot wearing the shoes by himself, he will go to anyone and show the shoes to that person as the signal of asking a help to put the shoes on him. Really cute to watching all of his keletah nakal. After he feels that everything is well prepared, he will waving his hand and babai to us. Konon-konon pergi work lettuw.

He can speak but in his language, baby's language. When I asked him if he want to eat, he's nodding his head and said "na.. mam.. mam..". He's also know that I am his maklang. When I asked "Maklang mana?", he pointed at me. Cuteeeee ! And when I have a conversation to him, I will asked him if he's understanding or not, "Abang Hariz faham tak?". And he will nodding his head while said "aham.." Many simple words he can speak now.

Oh, my little hero juga suka sangat berangan. Yes, I am talking the truth. I don't know how to tell you how he was berangan by himself, but I've watched it so many times. I can bet that anyone who see it will laughing so hard. He's also love to take a picture too. He will definitely give his cheeky smile and the naughty eyes contact to the camera.

Here's his super duper cute pictures:

My little hero is Ahmad Hariz Uthman Bin Ahmad Muammar, now he is 1 year and 5 months. I ♥ him so much :) Untill here, I have to go. Nak ber-krohh krohh sebentar. Babai.

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