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Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone. Lately I am interested on jog. It's not a new hobby, it was my hobby before this when I was in form 5 at the high school. Suddenly I just interests and obsessing on it again. Now, it's be my current hobby. Jogging. Me usually will go to the Tasik Shah Alam at section 14 and jog at there with or without a partner. I mostly prefer to jog alone actually, but I am cool if there is anyone want to jog together with me.

On any holiday, I will definitely go for jog 2 times a day. But if I am busy, I will only jogging once a day and if I'm not go to jogging, I will replace it with dancing. Yes, dancing. Don't do the weird face while reading this because I am telling the truth about myself actually. Actually I really and very like dancing. I always join the dancing group in Shah Alam. I can do the line dance of "Marry You" , poco poco, Tarian 1 Malaysia ( except the tarian Iban and the another kind of dance because I skipped the classed). Almost every friends of UiTM doesn't know about this interest of mine. Why? Maybe because I do not involve with any club that related to dance or acting or theater or sport or blablabla bagai bagai maybe kan?Why am I not tell it to them? is it really necessary? Nah. 

Lets back to our topic, jogging. Well, actually by jogging we are not only can loss the calories and weight but we also can reducing the stress and we can relaxing our mind. For surely we also can build up our stamina. I am not good in this sport bagai bagai actually but I learn a bit knowledge about sport. About how to jogging correctly? The way how should we breath while jogging, effect of sport to people, the proper attire while jogging and much more. I learn it from my athlete friends, the athlete coaches, from my neighbor, from my PBSM club, Internet, magazine, from my Abah. And I hope that I can learn much more about sport from any resources. 

Do you know the real steps of jogging actually? Well, I asking this question because I have been observing people surrounding me while I was jogging. And  many people, especially the beginner or novice or people who trying to jog or more specific as not a sport people, when they jog, they were always get out of breath very faster and they always pushing theyselves too hard which that can lead to overuse injuries and strains. And I always saw joggers jogging using their toe. That's totally wrong and risky. Listen to me, do not forcing yourself if you are a beginner. Trust me it's not really easy to jog actually, we should never take it easy. If you just go jog without the proper readiness, take the responsibilities on what will happen on your knee and hip. I am not lying. 

The most important of all is the shoe. Proper footwear is vital to your jogging performance. Next important is the breathing. The way on how we breath while jogging. Some people said that it it much more better to inhale the oxygen with the nose and exhale with the mouth, but there some people said it's much better to breath using the nose for inhale and exhale. Actually it doesn't really matter as the most important is our comfortable. For me, I usually breath using nose while jogging for both exhale and inhale the oxygen but under my control. We the one who need to control our breaths. Take in more breaths as you jog at a faster pace. You will know if you are not getting enough oxygen to your lungs because you will tire quickly and may even feel a bit dizzy. If you cannot follow my breathing style while jogging, well you can do relaxing your jaw and open your mouth a little as you are jogging. Breathing deeply will allows you to feel less physical tension throughout your body as you move.

As from me,  don't talk when you are jogging. Focus on your track and the muscles that you using. Because when you're talking while jog, you cannot control your breathing.
If you are the beginner, start with five minutes of walking to warm up, followed by jogging for one minute and walking for four minutes. Repeat the jogging and walking intervals five times; then end your workout with a five-minute walk to cool down. Don't and never push yourself to do the non-stop jogging as it will effect to your knee and hip. It's gonna be really suck if we cannot use our foot anymore right?

After 2 weeks, you can start with walk for five minutes as a warm-up, then spend time stretching your muscles. Walk briskly for 10 to 15 minutes at a pace that is comfortable before slowing down to a gentle walk for a few minutes to cool down the muscles. If your fitness level is a little more advanced, alternate brisk walking and jogging at a comfortable pace for 20 minutes after your warm-up. We must jogging atleast 3 days a week. My option, 30 minutes a day should be great to jog.

When I was jogging alone at Tasik Shah Alam, there is a guy wearing the green shirt  sleeveless that wrote " Triathlete Malaysia"  with MAS logo. He greeted me. We stop jogging and walk for awhile and have some conversation about sport. I asked him so many question. And he gave me some very useful advises. 

Me : Kau triathlete ni mesti banyak tau pasal sport ni kan? Ajar aku pasal jogging boleh?
Haziq : Senang je jogging ni cuma banyak pantang larang je. Waktu jogging muka kena straight pandang depan, jangan toleh kiri kanan. Kalau nak usha awek dekat sebelah pun mata je boleh jeling jeling. Leher waktu jogging biar relax, jangan pendekkan leher tu. Coach aku ajar, jogging tangan kena genggam. Kalau tak reti gengam, tangan kiri kanan try pegang henset ke batu ke. Tangan pun swing biar sempoi je ikut body jangan buat buat swing pula. Pelik nanti.
Me : Macam ni? *buat gaya tanggan* *gelak gelak* Lagi apa lagi tips?
Haziq : Gerakan kaki paling penting waktu jogging, kau perasan tak ramai yang jogging pakai jari kaki depan macam tu? *pointing to another jogger* salah teknik tu, tapi kaki kau aku tengok betul je, kau belajar dari mana?
Me : Aku belajar time sekolah dulu, aku pun mana tau jogging macam mana ni. Aku ikut je apa Sir tu ajar. Guna teknik "heel-to-toe".
Haziq : Tapi betullah apa coach kau ajar tu. Jogging  memang guna "heel-to-toe" pun. Long distance lari lari tu baru pakai "toe"
Me : Yang penting warm-up kan?
Haziq : Warm-up tu memang lah. Benda warm-up tak boleh main-main. Sekali kaki rosak peh sayang tak boleh masuk olahraga dah. Abang aku kaki rosak sebab futsal lah. Sekarang dia boleh short distance je. Kaki dia kena "kneecap pain". 

Now, I am thinking about spending  the time and money to find a running shoe that fits well and is designed for my foot type. And I am thinking about this Nike sport shoe but I'm not trying to wear it yet, so I don't know i f it suit with my feet or not. Take a look at the shoe soles, awesome right? Nike Shox Navina SI - Women's :

Well until here, I am hoping that with this little information of jogging can a bit helping people out there. It's already 4.25 am and I really should go to my bed. Goodnight. Sekian.

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