Monday, 12 November 2012

Stupid Earphone

Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone. Well am not in a good mood actually right now. But still I want to update something on my blog because I can see a spider web already in here. Phew phew *tiup tiup spider web yang dah bersarang dalam blog* . Why am I not in a good mood? Because !! This one stupid earphone so damn hell. Baru je beli actually last 3 days ago, and the promoter tu kemain lagi cakap earphone ni bla bla bla bla panjang lebar punya dia explain about this Sonic earphone. Tertipu juga aku akhirnya. Harga sudah lah kemain mahal RM50. Tapi audio so creepy damn hell. Geram sangat. Harap appearance je nice with pink colour. Haish geram ! I don't care, I'll go to the shop tomorrow and I want my money back or they should replace it with a new one. I don't care. Geram, kemain excited beli earphone baru nak dengar new korean MV. Tapi audio dia spoil-kan mood !! Gggrrrhh !! Check this out, cantik comel bagai kan earphone dia? Tapi audio hampeh -.- 

Dengan ini, I'll never trust to any promoter, because all of they words cannot be trusted. Ceh I'll never forget your face Apek -.- Eee geram pula bila ingat semula muka promoter tu.

Moral of the story: Never trust anything that a promoter said -.-

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