Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Christofer Drew :)

Hello to Everyone . HAHA , I would like to introduce to all of you my boyfriend , He is Christofer Drew . HAHA . Well , he is a Christian and a singer . He’ve got two bands , NeverShoutNever and also EatMeWhileIAmHot . I am his one of the biggest fan , he’ve got an album and a single , so don’t forget to google-ing or youtube-ing the keyword of NeverShoutNever or EatMeWhileIAmHot or Christofer Drew okey ? HAHA , He’s not my boyfriend actually , and he’s not my tastes accepted his hair and his cool style . Well here are a sort of his pictures :

Haha , so macam mana with his looks ? Okey tak ?
My favourite songs of him are Sweet Perfection and also Happy . I started to like him since Zulhelmi ( a friend of mine that studied at the same place with me at UiTM Pulau Pinang ) posted the Happy song to me on my Facebook wall.

And pendapat saya mengenai lagu Happy masa pertama kali dengar , Aaauuww shuweeeeett – nye lagu ni . Yang menjadikannya lebih shuweeett bile kawan saya bagi lagu itu kepada saya . So saya harap all of you will go search and listen to that song : HAPPY . 

Thank You . kbye