Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sam Tsui :)

Guys , I would like to share something great with all of you , I've been tired while studying for my CSC final exam then I opened the and type-ing the keyword " if i die young " , I was searching that song which is singing by The Band Perry actually ..  but there were so many sort of list of the outcomes from that keyword Im typing. Then , I've been interested on this on titled : "If I Die Young" - The Band Perry - Sam Tsui . So I cliked on that link , and the video were playing . It's somebody , a guy singing that song with a great of angel voice. Now I admiring him.  try to check this link : , it's so A W E S O M E .

Then after watching the video , I tried to searching SAM TSUI on youtube , google , bing and yahoo. He is a awesome guy , but looks like a metrosexual guy , or a gay guy . But Im not sure bout that , because we cant judge a book by its cover right ? What I know right now that I am a fan of him .

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